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"I have captured the dot. Now what?"

Let’s paint some happy little clouds. Let’s paint a happy little tree.

They’ve added Sailor Mercury!


Teaching Verdandi about the importance of belly brushing (Freyja’s has a bit of matting I’ve been fighting lately). She likes it even more than belly rubs so far!

IT’S CORDLESS. And my nails are super chipped.

I have added a cool new toy—I mean tool … to my arsenal! Now I’m sure you’re saying “what’s so cool about it, it’s just an iron!” Well…



New shirts in stock @ kincs web shop

ハイネックコルセット  (BBD18-H505 BK/M)
¥15,120 (本体価格  ¥14,000)

(via yamneko)

Practicing more S.H. Figuarts fiddling. These originally had the stands used to get the figures into position, then I went in and removed them after the fact. 

Going to get some posterboard (as was suggested to replace the twill used for these), blue tack, and paperclips, to do some more dynamic/in-action poses. PRACTICE, MAN. PRACTICE.