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These power ups are so great.

Go Luna-P!

Tuxedo Mask provides an assist!

Holy crap. This game is too cute. It’s harder than I thought (is all about timing), but way fun.



スペシャル アッタク

They need to get this on the iPhone ASAP lol. I’m putting it on my old Android when I get home >.>

Just installed this, about to give it a try.

If anyone ever cosplays as soft serve accurately, please tell me so I can be in awe. Because damn.

Today is “receive cute things in the mail” day. My Ice Cream Show Case art book and Omekashi Nekochan stickers were in the box when I checked the mail. These stickers will never ever be used. Ever.

The bow for the front with the back collar.

My new dress arrived! I’ll write a full review about the dress and the forwarding service I used later this week.

Seriously though. Cutie.